The Journey to Now

A lifelong pursuit

Sandi was born and raised in New Jersey. As a youth, they spent much of their time singing, dancing, and reading to escape a troubled home environment. The lack of stability led to many school changes, abandonment, and ultimately completing high school from a group home. Despite all odds Sandi managed to graduate high school, and with the support of mentors was encouraged to pursue dance at Montclair State University. During college they moved to NYC, working in the music and dance industry and waiting tables to make ends meet. Though Sandi was forced to stop attending classes while experiencing homelessness, she remained committed to her passion. They focused on becoming financially stable as an independent young adult and later continued their education at New World School of the Arts in Miami, studying acting and musical theatre. ​

In 2012 Sandi began working professionally in the thriving South Florida arts community as an actor and voice artist. She is best known in the region for her characters from the immersive theatre series Miami Motel Stories, and for her performance in the Drama League Award winning production 7 Deadly Sins at Miami New Drama. They have voiced hundreds of audio projects, from live-action dubs and originating animated characters to official audiobooks and magazines for the Library of Congress. 

A lifelong singer/songwriter and hip hop head, Sandi has had a hand in developing theatrical rap projects since 2016. During the pandemic, they had the opportunity to level up their skills and take their education further through online classes with Freestyle Love Supreme. They continue to freestyle, write music, and work towards creating more opportunities and appreciation for rap and hip hop, and the Black people and culture it came from, in theatre and beyond.

While enjoying her artistic pursuits, Sandi continues her tenure as Managing Director of the Silver Palm Awards in South Florida. They previously spent 3 years developing new theatrical works as the Line Producer for Miami Dade County’s Playwright Development Program, and 6 years as Production Manager at Insight for the Blind. They also served as Secretary & Board Member of the South Florida Theatre League from 2018-2021. 

After all they have survived, Sandi is incredibly grateful to still be here and is committed to furthering their personal growth and healing journey. She is invested in making the world a better place as an advocate for mental health, neurodiversity awareness, and social justice. They identify as queer and non-binary. Sandi loves children and animals and adventuring outdoors in their free time. 

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Photography by Natalie McPherson, Ryan Arnst, Sean Patrick, and Lynn Parks