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"What I love most about being a director and producer is collaborating with other creatives to craft the kind of art the world needs right now. I don't care to tell the same old stories we've heard a hundred times before. There are so many incredible contemporary artists whose voices need to be heard, whose work is fresh and new, who have big questions to ask and thoughts to leave us with. I see it as my job to lift them up and amplify their vibrations, not mold them to my own ideas, filter them down, or make them more palatable for those who might find vulnerability or truth challenging to face."  

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

-Cesar A. Cruz 

Music Video


“Best Side”

Rayner G. feat. Not Stock | February 2023


“I Am”

Rayner G. | January 2023



Rayner G.  | December 2022



Rayner G. | November 2022


“Try To Remember”

Rayner G.  | October 2022



 “Power 1996” 

  Rishi Chowdhary 


`“Welcome, We Are Now Closed” 

  Luis Roberto Herrera 



  Luis Roberto Herrera

  “I Fucking Love You”

  Luis Roberto Herrera


  “I Fucking Hate You”

  Luis Roberto Herrera 

CREATIVE WORKS in development:


  • Untitled Musical Improv Show | Spring 2024

  • Untitled Shakespeare Rap Musical Adaptation | Fall 2024


It was a summer of wonder at FTF in Miami

I had the privilege and honor of leading beginner level campers in storytelling through acting, singing, improvisation, rapping, beatboxing, break dancing, character work, movement exploration, makeup design, poetry, tap dancing, hip hop & musical theatre choreography, and a wide range of creative & technical theatrical learning which culminated in first experiences performing on stage.


Session 1

20 campers ages 5-9

"Everybody's Sea"

For this showcase, we told a story about friendship and inclusivity in an underwater setting.

I wrote the script, composed music

and lyrics, and choreographed, as well as co-directed with my two

assistant counselors.

Session 2

22 campers ages 7-9

"Little People, Big Dreams"

For this showcase, my team arranged various poems about imagination and the future around a fun and whimsical theme. I composed music, choreographed, designed costumes, and

co-directed with my two assistant counselors. 

I also integrated my research and studies in child development in the teaching process, working to foster self regulation abilities and encourage a confident, positive mindset in my students.


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