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Best known for their extensive work in the immersive Miami Motel Stories series and the searing portrayal of Aurin Squire's "Blackfish" in Miami New Drama's 2021 Drama League Award winning production of 7 Deadly Sins, Sandi's ability to tap into the depths of a character's vice is second only to the heart and light they exude both on and off the stage. 

"Saving perhaps the best for last, Sandi Stock plays makeup artist April, the anchor of the “Pink” track. An actor herself who unsuccessfully auditioned for the North Beach movie, Stock’s April is a dervish of busyness and agitation, unloading her insecurities and aspirations on both the cast members she beautifies and us, her sympathetic volunteers and sounding boards. In preparing to dazzle the grumpy Lenny with a makeshift audition for a role that has just become available, April/Sandi impresses us with veritable sizzle reel of her gifts—monologue, jazz vocal, Broadway, rock, rap—until the talents she had been hiding under a bushel as a makeup artist are allowed to flourish."

- John Thomason,

Florida Theater On Stage

Photo: Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

Wynwood Stories 1_edited.jpg

"Stock... (is) a gifted improviser."

-John Thomason,

New Times


"Stock’s portrayal brought depth and sincerity to a character who easily can appear two-dimensional villain..."

- Ilana Jael

South Florida Theater Magazine


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